Chair: Dion Hamilton

Members of Council

Lay Leader - Ellen Aubee

Lay Member to Annual Conference Chair: Audrey Alleyne

Recording Secretary: Dale Williams

Multimedia Chair/Co-chair: Carver Bryant/Sue Bryant

Nurture Ministry Chair: Jennifer Boston

Outreach Mnistry Co-Chairs: Ruth Boyd-Okogun, Betsy Johnson, and Regina Okogun

Witness Ministry Chair: Olabisi Daramy

Finance Committee Chair: Audrey Alleyne

Finance Committee Vice-chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Thomas Jones, III

Finance Co-Secretary: Mary Rawley and Suzanne Mitchell

Committee on Lay Leadership Chair, Pastor Gerald Elston

Committee on Lay Leadership and Nominations Vice-chair: Ellen Aubee

Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair: Clarence Snuggs

Trustee Chair: Larry Williams

Trustee Vice-chair: Carver Bryant

Stewardship: Vacant

Young Adults Ministry Coordinator: Vacant

Youth Ministry Coordinators: IraTiger

Children Ministry Coordinator: Jennifer Boston

Global Missions: Patience Oliver-Jobe

Senior Adult Ministry, Co-chairs: Ethel Shelton, Mary Rawley, and Jo Williams

Small Group Ministries, Co-chairs: Arletta Boston and  Sue Bryant

Health and Wellness Ministry Chair: Vacant

Worship/Acolytes: Cherry Ann Tiag-Nian

Church Historian Coordinator: Ellen Aubee

Church School Superintendent Coordinator: Vacant

Membership Secretary: Vacant

United Methodist Women President: Delores Martin

United Methodist Women Vice-president: Gladys Davis

United Methodist Men President: Dion Hamilton

Collaborative Partnerships:  Vacant