Coodinator: Jennifer Boston

Due to COVID-19 precautions and the rising Delta variant, our children's Sunday School classes have been canceled until further notice.

Sunday School
The Children's Ministry offers Sunday School classes for ages 6-12. It is an age-appropriate curriculum that engages in children’s natural sense of curiosity to help them understand God’s love. It creates a safe environment for kids to ask big questions — helping them explore the Bible in ways that feed their imagination and encourages creativity through carefully-selected Bible stories, songs, videos, drama, story writing, and hands-on activities. Older students are encouraged to engage in discussions and apply scripture and Biblical principles to life experiences.
Acolytes light and extinguish the altar candles during worship services. They also assist the pastor during baptism ceremonies. Training and installation are done in the spring. This ministry is open to children and youth nine years of age and older. Contact: Cherry Ann Tang-Nian
Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Children enjoy a week of themed-related study, games, art, music, and drama activities. Free family-style meals are provided each evening from 6-8 p.m. VBS is held in July.
Our Children’s Ministry is a Safe Sanctuaries program.
Safe Sanctuaries is an effort to create a safe place for the most vulnerable of our church family and our visitors. All our volunteers undergo background checks and we do not allow anyone with a criminal background to work with our children, although they are welcome to participate in other areas of ministry at Good Hope Union United Methodist. Safe Sanctuaries is a “social structure that is consistent with the Gospel” allowing our sanctuaries, classrooms, mission encounters, camps and retreats, and all spaces where we gather to worship and serve God to be in places of trust. You may learn more about Safe Sanctuaries here.